blind spots and vision correction

Business owners sometimes live in a vacuum. Few people on your team will really be honest with you for fear of retribution.  We develop blind spots, like driving a car and the car on your right is unseen and you can get into an accident because of your blind spot. Accidents do happen in business. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to be able to speak with someone that has been in their shoes. An ally that has experienced the same issues with their people, financials, difficult clients and even Board members or Advisors that are not on the same page. A true trusted advisor that will allow you to open up, in a locker room environment where what we say in the locker room stays in the locker room…. forever.  Total confidence, total support and total transparency are the keys to identifying blind spots and correcting our blurred vision. This allows the executive to stretch their horizon and experience greater success in every area of their lives.

sales training

More than a pipeline management

Learning the Art, Science and Psychology of Sales is not a weekend course or an hour long webinar. It is a mindset. It is a process of helping a student, at any age, learn the skills necessary to learn how to create a paycheck for life. Yes, sales can be a lifelong journey if you are so inclined. Sales can also be the way to create an income for life through residual income earned through commissions for all kinds of products. Sales, to many people, means coercion. This is true for some products where the commission is so high and the churning of the salespeople occurs so often because the product is so bad or so overpriced, that pressure is the only way to make the sale. That is not what professional sales is all about. Professional sales is all about teaching others the skills necessary to become a trusted advisor to your prospects and clients. This is a combination of Art, Science and Psychology woven together to give the competence and confidence to sell any product to even the most difficult clients for some of the largest ticket items.


to coaching

My career has been built listening to others, learning from others, reading what others have written and researching what others have accomplished. Together, the blending of all of these various learned experiences allows me to coach someone up from where they are to where they want to be. We have all heard the saying that practice makes perfect. That is mostly true. Let’s look at the sport of golf, yet the analogy works in every sport. If you are practicing for hours every day hitting shot after shot with bad technique, you are actually not practicing. You are EXERCISING. This may sound harsh. But, it is true. In order to be a good coach, you must coach each player based on that players talent at the time and watch them grow. This allows for a higher demand of their talent as their skills have developed. Each level demands a slightly different approach and a slightly different process. Helping someone to be the best they can be is not a moment in time. It is a journey. Sometimes a coaching change is necessary. This is true for even the best players at their sport and people at the pinnacle of their career.


Learning business development is like learning to ride a bicycle. At first, you do not believe you will ever get it right and be able to stay on the bike without crashing. Once you achieve that first milestone of not chrashing and skinning your knee, you then realize that this is fun. Then, like all other sports, you want to improve. This is where business development training starts. It is the second mile and thrid mile achievment that runs a novice into a pro.

Hands-on workshops & talks 

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Strategy & Roadmap

A ship without a rudder will sail to any port but not the desired destination. A salesperson without a strategy and roadmap will also reach a different destination than the desired location. The Vision to create the Strategy and develop the Roadmap to achieve your desired Goal is accomplished by actively engaging in personal introspection, external examination and bringing all of the data together to create your ultimate plan.


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